25 Top Changing life Beliefs

Top Changing life Beliefs, Start Changing yourself, be you.

Top changing life beliefs

 In this article, we will talk more about 25 Top Changing life Beliefs.

First of all, let us say that  “Today’s mistake is tomorrow’s success”

“ I don’t realize how the beauty is, till I meet the ugliness “

I wonder, how many times we thought that we took the right decision, later we discover how wrong we were?!

On the other hands, some people do Change their mind in minutes based on stuffy plans that drag them for the spinning circle of hesitation.

Big life Decisions could be taken resulting from deep thinking, analysis and choosing the best result, but our Top Changing life Beliefs or what if our thinking keeps changing along the years ?! our attitudes? Our character?!

I don’t say that we have to wait for getting older for comparison and choose to take the best one, I say that we have to see the alternatives which we choose carefully and never say no for other alternatives but keeping them safely till the need.

The main thing which you really don’t know or you might J is that what you think, believe or dream about could actually come true forming part of your life “ the power of thinking “

So these thoughts should be right enough to help you make it come true based on true beliefs.

Maybe; one day you wake up suddenly discovering that you waste your time in a wrong track.

Do you think about those sentences or your beliefs before getting on your own track?

Here Some Top Changing life Beliefs as:

  • For how long will these beliefs withstand?

Often, we believe in something today and tomorrow we surprise how it can be changed so easily?

We know that what our expectation should be basically built on. The truth and beliefs.

But what if it based on false facts, wrong beliefs?

Then we get shocked by the actual result which will not be expected in that way.

So for how long will, your thought can resist? actually, it depends on what they have been built on.

Also, on of theTop Changing life Beliefs is:

Motivate yourself:

Motivation could be an action or a step you took successfully that motivate you to take the following step and gain more experience; for me it depends on the encouraging positive words I keep saying to myself through and after actualizing my aim, exceeding the shortcut way racing the time, even how special I could reach to my implications and what aim I suppose to achieve, find your motivation whatever it takes.

Many people get lost in the crowd with the public road where people keep telling them to walk in.

But actually, you should listen to yourself when it advise you to keep on your own track even if you will walk alone; the world no longer in need for more copies

The truth is we all hate copies, so be special with your own way of thinking and manners, don’t let others use you in marketing what they need covering their purpose by your aim; so don’t let them drag you to the way of crowds.

Be original and listen to your own inner voice.

  • Look at the flying birds carefully:

You remember the “motivation steps article “? And the step of flying birds? I’ll repeat it again.

Listen and watch carefully that messages around you which send by the universe.

Everything is just a rope to hang it on tightly and climbed it up to your aim; all you have to do is just listening carefully and get the message then keep work on it.

Listen to other’s experience and stories, one day you will use the wisdom those stories.

Also, Top Changing life Beliefs as:

  • Keep yourself busy:

Being busy is something actually very good and beneficiary that you have to be in.

Spare time can leave you out of your own track, disappointed, distracting and miss the main points of the goal.

But being all the time busy with your own aim, plans, scheduling steps will actually return to your goal, preventing you of distractions, keep yourself busy by the goal.

  • Keep up to date:

Self-learning is considered as the best for me, as it makes you more aware of what happens around, up_dating your information continually, learning how to make a progress by yourself applying what you learned.

  • The accurate slowing work:

People who are accurate at their work take much time than the others, but their work differently come steady and accurate even if in the real world they say that “ tiny little right thing is better than a whole with fast countless mistakes result “.

Also, Top Changing life Beliefs as:

  • Negative thinking:

The power of negative thinking “your worries, doubts, fear, and monsters” actually will never one day come true till you feed it well by wasting time on, leaving work and thinking of the outcomes which will be in the next two billion seconds from now.

most of our worries are unjustified, all of our doubts resulting from the fear of failure which all of us will pass through but the successful one who turn it into a power that can use to enlighten his way.

So when the negativity comes, direct it for the positive attitude way.

Also, Top Changing life Beliefs as:

  • The second chance:

The end of the world for many people is the failure, but what they know after that is the failure they passed in, it was just another chance for improvements and the great shot, most of the great innovation and masterpieces works failed hundred times before it becomes how we see today,don’t be worry if you fail, but consider it as a second chance for improvement that big work you keep working on.

  • finding yourself:

Don’t lose yourself through that busy life and lost your main goal.

Everyone is busy with his own struggle so don’t forget to bring the war’s tools with you; bring what you learn, experienced, live and how you learn to win with.

Find your soul, weakness and strengthen points; try to know yourself well for better use of the qualifications that you have.

  • Everybody knows what is the best for you:

Well, don’t ever think that you are the only one who knows what is the best for you, as the loving people you surround with caring for you capable of seeing what you are real can’t see depending on your obsession with a certain idea, actually they can see better than you do depend on their sight of the whole idea, so you’d better listen to people and think about what they say, certainly you’ll find what make you take care, modify or change an idea.

  • You are not the center of the universe:

When we are little, we are used to thinking that we were the center of the universe; and that make us thinking about every little thing happen; if we were the one that meant of?

Later we discover by getting older that everyone is busy by its life; so nothing anymore disturbs us easily.

Working all the time and busy all the time that make us know that we are the center of our life’s universe.

  • Everybody is spinning in his own circle:

We thought that no one is capable of doing what we do, but we discover by the time that everybody is capable of doing anything through his own way, we are no longer the one who special of thinking, but we are so by the ways of doing the thing we do and the way we are on.

  • Looking at the walls:

The comfort zone that all we looking for; that one where we can sit and say while looking back to the way we walked in   “what a wonderful way we took! “  , that comfort zone we all want to reach after thinking of stability which has been worked for getting it accomplished, comparing of younger ages we were too risky now we too looking for the comfort zone were no much more risk, everything is just stable, clean and quiet.

  • Expectations :

the tendency of building potentiality on something, mean the more you expect sometimes that you should have more probability to do so, you shouldn’t expect much more it should be not having a frustrated soul which can’t able to continue after that, expect but based on true assumptions.

  • Keep it up – to date:

Yourself has to be modified, acting flexible and able to up to date.

As we gain much more experience and knowledge nowadays. Every moment that could be missing if you still insist to not adding this new knowledge to your life, after few weeks maybe you’ll find yourself can’t cope with what’s going on as the world walked in a crazy speed of daily knowledge, which can be used to develop and change your entire life.

  • Fly away:

the ambitious is the soul of reaching the goal with timing directed steps, life is too short to not reaching our goals in general.

 So, dream and make your dream come true, don’t give up on your dreams.

Some people say “the dream that you can’t fight for; it will haunt you for all the rest of your life and you’ll keep seeing others come it true “.

Also, Top Changing life Beliefs as:

  • Recharge your energy:

When you look frustrated and distracted out of tracked scheduling points, then it’s time to empower yourself again and recharge your energy.

keep it simple, quiet and alone as possible when you go to have a break, try to meditate for a while, trust me you’ll absolutely find the way out after that.

You’ll get back with your full energy walking in big steps forward.

  • Write down your thoughts:

Writing down your thoughts will help you to use it if you need them, shortcutting time for rethinking, make you thinking again of your biased ideas whether by deleting them or by developing the idea.

  • Too many luggage:

With too many luggage we can be busy by, leaving no space for the important things we need, that’s it

The whole idea is about re-ordering our priorities leaving spaces for new stuff to be fill in, which will help us for better performance and never be too stuffy and busy.

Also, Top Changing life Beliefs as:

  • No fairy tale will appear:

Don’t live in a fairy tale stories forgetting your real life.

Life depends on to survive, as we all know the survive is for the strongest who able to adapt to the new circumstances.

The changing in technology, thinking, and the revolutionary way of life in general.

  • Don’t be too available:

Making yourself too available for people will make them use you too much than you can imagine, no boundaries for people will mean, boundless of your life is , which leave you powerless and expose you for many problems that probably you can’t handle some of them later, your life has to be private as it is only your life  .

  • The shortcut way:

Dreaming is the shortcut way of having what we really want while struggling for survive and reaching what we want is the long way for success.

But real life is depending on grabbing those dreams on the reality land, making them come true.

  • Distractions and temptations:

Along the way of life, there are lots of temptations and distractions that drag us out of the track; but the successful person is the one who can able to get back for tracking his way again ignoring all of that.

Being stronger through the challenges which he faces day by day.

  • Keep digging and never give up:

They Say that the moment you give up on something, it could be the moment that separate you of your great accomplishment, so you’d better to keep digging and never give up on your dreams; as it has to come true “one day”.


This Top Changing life Beliefs is the  way of thinking empower you, dreams can’t come true, imagination will not be useful unless we use it wisely as possible as we could to do something useful for us and the entire world.

Start thinking of your beliefs, start working in your own way and just be you.

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