Harry Potter

Top 5 Harry Potter Characters Real Facts you will Know


Harry Potter Characters

Harry Potter is one of the most amazing stories loved from a lot of people all over the world. No one can doubt that Harry Potter Stories and Harry Potter characters have the large impact films and novels weighed equally. On the other hand, because of Harry Potter has a wild range of fans Primak and a lot of  Other companies create products related to Harry Potter that we talked in details in The Secret Behind Top 10 Magical Primark Harry Potter Set new collection.

Her, We Select the Top 5 Harry Potter Characters that I loved and see a lot of lessons in each Tell us which character are you and what did you learn from each:

Nymphadora Tonks


An energetic young lady that let us change our mind in our expectation about wizard if she could be whether a professor or an underage wizard but she gather the energetic manner of a young lady and the professionalism of a professor, tonks can change her appearance even her hair. She’s fun, brave and loyal one.

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