Top 15 techniques to build your personal branding

Top 15 techniques build your personal branding

Kindly disrupt the norm. to can stand out and build a strong personal branding, I offer Top 15 techniques build your personal branding some golden ways which can support your future personal branding.

You can feel and understand all of my words but dear “be yourself” and select few of them and add your own touch in your successful way to make your brand.

First of all, let me explain what is personal branding?

As Wikipedia:  Personal branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. … Personal branding is essentially the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual, group, or organization.

Examples of brands:

Donald Trump

Kid Cudi




Based on your target market you need to make your own mix to can reach to all of your audiences in the market. Let’s start

  1. Build long run relationship with your industry influencer.

When you have a model role you will find the right way.

Feel that you are not alone

Know others success

For all these reasons you need to create a long run relationship with your industry influencers and make a warm friendship with them to can keep you motivated.

You can find your industry influencers in the different social media platforms as facebook and twitter.


2.  Get your content marketing channel.

Content Marketing Strategy is the most important way to build your reputation online. You should remember all the time that anyone personal branding is the same as your company reputation.

Try to do your best to build a good reputation and personal branding for your company.

3.  Act as a confidential Man:

One of the most important ways to success is to try to be confidential and do your best to make a daily training on self-steam and confidence all of successful people and writers recommend this way strongly. So, try to find the best ways to can do it easily and daily.

4.  Don’t be the professional person with your audience.

You need to be very professional in your work and the business cycle and process for all business tasks except in treatment with your online audience because they need to treat with a real human no a business man or machine keep your relationship with your audience warm.

Share with them your personal photos and make fun for sometimes and socialize this them.

5. Share your content with your influencers.

Keep on review and study all social channels for your industry influencers in social media channels and list their interests Then, Select some pieces of your content and share if with them. Tell them that you know that they are interested in this topic so you loved to share with them.

This way will give you huge benefits for your personal branding and your content reputation.

6.  Make your own online community.

You need to build your own community to can collect fans and audiences who interested in your industry you can build it on Facebook , Google+ and Linked In this is a good way that can help you in making your personal branding and your company reputation too.

7.  Keep your content near from others.

Try to keep your brand online all the time and be near from your influencers and audiences by making interviews and sessions and webinars.

8.  Create a buzz with others.

Find someone who has not know all information on a related topic with your industry and tag his account with your content in the same topic try to start a buzz with him to make a social buzz but keep yourself flexible to can gain the audience love and respect.

9.  Work on getting attention with storytelling.

Most of the Marketers didn’t know the importance of storytelling People love listening to the human stories So. Try to get your audience attention by storytelling.

10. Make Ask and Answers relations.

Make a department in your websites for Questions and answers to let users ask you about anything they need to know if you use WordPress website you can use the plugin for Questions and answers in your WordPress website to set up this department.

If you have .Net website Ask your web developer to build this department in your website

On the other hand, make the account in Quora and Reddit and answer the questions related to your industry these websites will help you make a strong and high-quality backlinks for your website and help you build a kind of new audience and influencers relationships.

11.  Work on Communication Skills.

You need to study the communication skills and making on develop it in yourself all the time to can make any way of the above ways that I mentioned specially that on each step in your personal branding way you need to speaking with others.

Communication skills help you speak with the power of self-confidence and knowledge.

12. Write a leadership stuff.

To can get fans and build your place in the market as fast as possible you need to write leadership content which help you build your creditability and increase your brand authority.

13. Keep studying.

No matter what is your knowledge on your industry field but you have to study all the time and keep yourself updated with all new information events and competitions in the industry and around you

14. Don’t Be Fake.

People Love the real people So, try to be a real human and communicate with your audiences friendly to increase your credibility and don’t be fake.

15. Determining what is the unique value proposition.

The Most important step you should determine before starting your way is to determine what is your value propositions and what is your competitive value that you will offer to the audiences. If you don’t know how you can determine your value proposition you can learn from how to start an internet business in my blog

Remember that Your Brand is how you appear to the market and the whole world


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