Top 10 SEO Content marketing tricks 

Top 10 SEO Content marketing tricks

SEO content marketing is one of the most important ways in getting organic traffic. Traffic means new conversions for your business and an increase in revenue. This is so that Understanding the basics of SEO for building successful content marketing is very important for you.


  • What is SEO content marketing?

    Seo is an important thing for the content marketing strategy and your content marketing program, as it’s not certain by one thing but it touches everything and affects every step in your content marketing. The awareness of the SEO principles; enhance your content marketing strategy and create a successful content marketing strategy for the business you build and the targeted customers you maintain.

  • Targeted customers come first then SEO Content marketing:

When you create content marketing, you should put into consideration the SEO basics and principles without making it your first matter and the reason why you write a content marketing strategy. But you should know first the difference between the content marketing strategy and SEO, as lately there are many complications happening in understanding the difference between the two terminologies (check our previous articles to know the difference between content marketing and SEO).

  • Write for your audience:

Put into consideration your customer’s attitudes and what they like to consume.
a piece of the whole picture is SEO, while you depend on the search to have website traffic, you forget that there are other sources to gain more website traffic like social media, Emails, and other sources that should be in your optimization efforts.

  • To know where your website’s traffic comes from:

Open Google Analytics, Acquisition and then go to overview; you’ll find the traffic sources as follow:

  • Google, Opera, and other search engine of the organic engine.
    Social media.
  • Email.
  • Direct search( whether through typing the URL directly of your site or bookmarking your site).
  • Paid search.
  • Referral ( people that visit your website from any linking site to your content).


  • SEO and social media impacts:

Social media have more impacts on the search engine and effect on your website traffic than ever since the Google Hummingbird update( which is a substitution of the search algorithm, and that new search algorithm “Hummingbird” is created by voice and mobile search as a wider method than ever, it differs what people are looking for and why they are looking for to take it into consideration).
That makes the content marketer for having a good strategy for social media which must take into consideration the SEO.
To build a good strategy for your content marketing SEO, you have to know what your audience needs at first and make the content marketing strategy with a storytelling method to use in making good thing your audience really love to read, with the intention to distribute it in the right places in the social media that have good popularity all over the world like “Facebook and Twitter”.

  • SEO has no ending for the story:

The strategy has a long tail than you think, content strategy writers and marketers discover that people and their audience request them for their articles that have been written years ago; that’s because of the search traffic on old articles.
So when you start your content marketing strategy SEO and have a difference between your expected traffic and the real one on your site, don’t worry because the story has no end, long the years you’ll discover traffic on your old articles that weren’t popular at its presents.

  • Keywords are still the key:

Keywords are a matter of a good content marketing strategy as it makes sure that your audience and customers get to understand what you are talking about continuously remind them what they are reading about and targeted than being lost in what they looking for,
It’s good to have a content marketing strategy that is targeted by certain keywords and you can do that by doing research about the targeted topic and then setting a list of possible keywords that are related to the content marketing and starting to put them as you prefer according to your audience need.

  • Focus on technical besides the content marketing SEO:

Start to benefit from the SEO technical components like the content pages index in the search engines that can be used to make sure that your content spread and search, recording a good index in the search engine and your website traffic, and also making sure that your visitors target your content marketing in the marketing pages.
You can follow that points to make sure you have when completing the SEO auditing to your website (collect your website analytics, analyze your keywords, and domain issues, track your sitemap, check your pages index, check your linking concerns, your load time, and speed).

  • CMI Example:

Search is one of the traffic sources that must optimize and evaluate.
But what can evaluate and optimized for search and social is different.
Long tail content marketing is encouraged more in search but it’s not necessarily that people search for your old articles and content, social media may support unexpected content for you to spread it and attract people to target.
The approach itself you use has also differed the optimization whether to search or social.
You can’t expect that every posted content is ideal for SEO, and pay attention to what has been published whether it was according to the following component or not:

  • The headline of your post:

Make sure and keep eye on your headlines whether they attract your audience and targeted people to your post and your website or not and it must be attracted to your audience with keeping in mind the keywords you are putting in.

  • The Meta-description:

The meta-description is what appears in the search engine, and it’s a brief description for your post that describes the relevancy of that content marketing to the reader’s search.

  • Title tags:

It’s what search engines use to determine what is all about your content discuss including “videos, images, and the infographic”, we should include the custom tag in every piece of targeted content we publish.

  • The category:

It’s not specified to SEO but we use this way to order and organize our content marketing and help ourselves to put our keywords in the right place with the order of our content.
In the end, we advise you to work with an SEO consultant to provide you with the needed reports on search, offer development suggestions for the content that attracts the audience and help people with maximum benefit to your readers, and help you to understand so well the issues concern your content and the implication surround it and remember that this field is really rapidly changing one so bring to your team some people that really help you stay on the top of that field.


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