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Top 10 Jobs make you Millionaire from internet

Top 10 Jobs make you Millionaire from the internet


 The top 10 jobs you can be hired in Social Media Marketing Field and Be a Millionaire
All of us need to a job that makes you a millionaire if you have time and passion for success and making wealth this article for you.

top 10 jobs

Now, As your Passion for Happiness and success Strong As You will Do it just you need to
And Start,
If you have about 3 hours per day and Computer Connected with the internet you can start now, Don’t be late
The Internet is the most important market in the world and profitable because this market deals in a huge range of customers
There are more than 10 ways to make a profit from internet
You can be an entrepreneur or you can find a job in the field of Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing

Here I will tell you more about the top 10 jobs you can be hired in Social Media Marketing Field and Be a Millionaire

These jobs are the highest Salary according to PayScale
You can start your first step by any job you will select to achieve your goal
According to PayScale statistics 11 of the Social Media Jobs above the national average salary of $59,900 and this published in in the latest statistics in 2016 according to some areas as the United State of America

1- Lead of Communication team or (Vice President of Communication):

Communication Team is the most popular expression now in the jobs websites. This team in any organization do the role of the marketing team. the lead of communication team in any organization play the most important role which translated to profit at the end of the day because his role is a very strategic role.

The lead of communication team in any organization play the most important role which translated to profit at the end of the day because his role is a very strategic role.
Vice President of communication team is responsible for creating all plans and activities from how can manage them to building the external relations with all success partners.
In 2016 Most of the job titles in linked entitled by Vice President of Communication especially in U.S Area with Average Salary $134000 As an Annual Salary.
Key Responsibility:
– He Simply Responsible for Developing integrated strategic plans for communication and create the organization vision and mission.
– Also, he is the man of operation from making reports, materials and follows up the daily activities and he is the first speaker for his organization

2- Director of Public Relation:

The Director of Public Relation is the key player in the marketing team he is reported to VP of Communication and Marketing
Key Responsibility:
– He responsible for writing and preparing the internal communication letters and helping in preparing the Marketing Plans and Presentations and Marketing Content.
– Prepare The Social Media Materials and Videos which present the image of the Vision.
– He basically responsible for creating the external relations with partners and Corporate customers and agencies.
– Making long run relationships according to top management policy
The Director of Public Relation Annual Salary is about $85000 according to 2016 statistics in the Area of United State

3- Marketing Communication (Director):

Marketing Communication Director is reported to Chief Marketing Officer CMO in the organization and This title is very famous on LinkedIn and other websites which can help you find your future job the Marketing Communication Director Annual Salary is about $80000 in the United State Area and in the jobs websites.
Key Responsibility:
• Marketing Communication Director responsibility is very important because of  Creation  and Measures the power of Marketing Management He Follow up the Communication and Marketing Plan Success with a very good sense of public relation.
• He Responsible for follow up on the marketing objective and measure the productivity of it also the entity image and brand awareness how it will be shown in the marketplace.
• He also responsible for the Digital Media Channels and their content and when any content can be published the integrated process of promotion planning for all Events and Marketing Channels Online as Social Media Channels, Website Content
• Follow up on The Strategic Campaigns of Marketing Optimize and Analyze them and Develop the awareness of Marketing Team
• Creating the Search Engine Optimization objectives and Launching Plan with integrated suitable Web Content
• Drive the Marketing Budget and making on analyzing it to maximize Marketing Plan outputs.
• Creating the Social Media Strategy and measure the interacting metrics and for how long ROI is Achieved.
• Motivate The Marketing Communication team and manage their performance.

4- Marketing Communication Manager:

Marketing Communications Manager is the Core Executive Tool in the digital Marketing Field he should have a perfect Sense of Media Relations and how Social Media Optimization can be launched effectively in all levels and The modern tools, techniques of modern digital marketing should be acted in a professional way. Marketing Communication Manager Annual Salary in 2016 is about $65000 in the United States.
• Key Responsibility:
• Develop All Digital Channels presence and Communication Channels and Corporate Relations with the market and Web Content in Social Media Posts and Blogs and prepare the statements of the company.
• Creating all announcements and preparing for product launching.
• Working with external Public Relation Companies and agencies and manage the relationships.

– responsible for product launches.
– Preparing the Shows and interviews and Media Materials.

5- Marketing consultant:
Marketing consultant Title is named to the man who has an extra mind with the ability on analyze and writing the reports, writing Skills and also the ability for forecasting and Negotiation besides to Communication Skills because he works as an important part of Communication Team.
Basically, The Marketing Consultant has the responsibility for preparing the proposals and creating the strategy with effective results
The Marketing Consultant annual salary $ 64000.
Key Responsibility:
– Preparing the Marketing Strategy.
– Creating the forecasting plan which reported to Senior Management.
– Making Sure that all his Consultations deliver to the Clients.
– Making the Marketing frameworks and the required reports, analytics.
– Study the market research with all data for Sales and Segmentation.
– Focus on the Quality of the marketing deliverables.

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