Top 10 Jobs make you Millionaire from internet Part 2

 Top 10 Jobs make you the Millionaire from the internet part 2

The Millionaire As we know in Top 10 Jobs makes you the Millionaire from internet Part 1 can be made from the internet. The top 10 jobs you can be hired in Social Media Marketing Field and Be a Millionaire. All of us need to a job that makes you a millionaire if you have time and passion for success and making wealth this article for you. We will continue with the jobs you can work in here.

Her, In this post we will talk in details about the following headlines:

  • Digital Strategist.
  • Public Relation Manager.
  • Content Manager.
  • Social Media Director.
  • Web Content Specialist:

Keep Reading to know the details of each title. On the other hand, Feel free to leave your question in the comment part.

  • Digital strategist:

The Digital Strategist Man must have a digital mind with high ability for Making strategies. Besides planning skills. Because of his role is considered the most leading role in the company. On the other hand, His basic responsibility is developing the brand and the optimization strategies. This is to meet the client’s demands.

  • Key Responsibility:

His Role will be done when doing the following tasks:

  • Develop the digital strategic outlines for customers.
  • Manage the process of doing the digital strategies from A to Z.
  • Making the analysis of development tactics.
  • Lead the sessions of Creativity thinking for teams.
  • Supervise the meeting the business objectives.
  • Making the metrics design for the marketing plan.
  • Build a long run relationship with customers.

The digital strategist annual salary is about $63900.

  • Public Relation Manager:

Public relation manager the socialize man in the company. He is the manager of all relations internal or external to the company. Also,  The Public relation manager should be a very good communicator with a very high sense of building long-run relationships.

  • Key Responsibility:

His basic role to do the following tasks. On the other hand, When doing tasks in a perfect manner. He will be the Millionaire.

  • Develop the relations with the internal staff.
  • Manage the communication process.
  • Build the relations with the customers.
  • Develop the image of UI in the web pages and Digital Channels.
  • Making on Creating a good Reputation and brand awareness for the company.

A Public Relations (PR) Manager takes an average salary of $61,193 per year. According to PayScale statistics

  • Content Manager:

The king of content which consider the core key success of the company image. He develops the content for all company channels. Also, To create well-written, unique content is very critical to the company search-engine-optimization ranking. Her create the success. Content is what users and traffic use to know the quality and value of company website and channels.

  • The Key Responsibility:

His Job description is the following:

  • Create the Content Strategy.
  • Make Content Plans with coordination of the team.
  • Manage the final Product of print contact.
  • Create the content focus on the marketing goals and increase the awareness.
  • Increase the web traffic for all web channels by unique content.
  • Create the content for all corporate identity printed and digital.
  • Study the trends in the related keywords and company channels content.
  • Use the Digital tools to make better content.

The annual salary from $40K to $96K according to Pascale.

  • Social Media Director.

Social Media is the most effective marketing tool in the digital marketing success the content and posting in the Social media channels effect on the company profit so, Creating the suitable social media channels with high ROI is the core role of Social Media Director the annual salary according to PayScale is $52000.

  • Key Responsibility:

Here all tasks:

  • Creating Social Media Channels.
  • Measure and analyze the ROI.
  • Creating Posting Strategy.
  • Managing the Social Media Ads.
  • Creating the company identity in the digital channels.
  • Analyze the reacting on the posts.
  • Update the company info and posts on the market trend.


  • Web Content Specialist:

Successful web content means successful user experience and successful user experience means a very high rank in Google Search engine optimization which means high traffic and more effective ROI. All of the above is the role of web content specialist So, this Role is very sensitive and important in any company and this man should have perfect writing skills and analyzing to can do his responsibility in a perfect manner

  • Job Description:

The following tasks are the Key responsibilities of the job

  • Writing Content related to industry field of the company.
  • Write Content that can make content Search engine optimization friendly with your website.
  • Edit the content according to the analysis feedback.

On the other hand, Web Content Specialist earns an annual salary $ 51000 according to PayScale in 2016.

And Now after we finish what is the top 10 Jobs make you Millionaire from the internet and what is the details of each job and the key responsibilities for each job Now you can ask yourself which job is suitable for your skills and then you can go to any of the following websites and search for your job and apply
Congratulations, now you are on the right way and will earn a lot of money from Jobs make you Millionaire from the internet

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