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The Secret Behind Top 10 Magical Primark Harry Potter Set new collectio

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Top 10 Magical Promark Harry Potter Set

Harry Potter Set: Primark launches a new magical Hogwarts dorm collection for all Harry Potter crazy fans.

The budget is set to launch a huge set of Harry Potter for high street store range next few days, across stationery, homeware, and clothing. All Crazy fans of Harry Potter set will be able to buy all of the new products because the prices will start from only £2.


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The new magic collection will be launched just in few days. The new set will include a lot of items as clothing, stationery, and home accessories. On the other hand, the best competitive value is the price tag of them which make all Crazy Harry potter set can create new rooms environment by this amazing collection. This spell-binding fashion can help fans to kit out their beautiful house.


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The Sun Magazine Said that

With prices starting at £2, the spell-binding collection includes pyjamas, cushions and stunning fairy lights shaped like potion bottles, for just £8.


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There are cushions featuring the crests of the Hogwarts houses, and a letter cushion addressed to Harry Potter at The Cupboard Under The Stairs in his Privet Drive home.


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You can decorate your room with a magic mirror, complete with the famous black glasses, a chalk board, signposts, £2 door hangers and a £6 bedside light.


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Then you can sit back it your Potter PJs and drink a warming portion from a Harry-shaped mug (£5) or a Cauldron mug (£6) before resting it on your Griffyndor coaster.

There are also Harry Potter notepads for £2.50, a pencil case for £2.50 and a Hogwarts wash bag for £4.




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1 Comment

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