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See Kid S. Sword for Halloween Special make views

See Kid S. Sword for Halloween Special make views

See how Kid S. Sword for Halloween Special make great views in  few minutes this is one method for making money online ,

Here Kid Swallows Sword – Halloween Special create a very wonderful video

Just for Laughs Gags across the internet, Channel said that In the coming  Halloween special prank, the pirate-costumed kid which  scares the wonder hell out of the  strangers by making them swallowing a whole sword!

Let us know how you can make money through YouTube videos

First of all, you have to get an idea to tell people about and then you can make the storyboard to tell people your target ideas in a wonderful manner which will help you build long run relationship with your target audiences

  • Tell people about your thought
  • Help them to be happy
  • In other words Give people happiness because all of us deserve it.
  • Try to create a video.
  • Make your main goal is to build long run relationship with customers who are your video visitors or traffic.
  • If you put a clear goals for creating video lets start making it.

you need to making video session with any cam you have at first then create google account and YouTube channel which i will explain to you in other stuff

then select your keywords upload video .

Now, you are connected with your target market.

Make more than 10 videos to Make a suitable channel for making money.

In Clear Steps you can make your channel able to make money through :

  • First Step: You go to Monetization button in the YouTube page 
  • Second step : Make your YouTube channel connected to Adsence account in google.
  • Third Step : Learn more about ads and videos ideas
  • Forth Step : Select the button of monetize foe your channels videos and select the types and shapes of Ads 
  • You can edit videos from video manager
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1 Comment

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