What are the golden successful business ideas?

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sarahelsherif Staff asked 2 years ago

What are the golden successful business ideas?

It all started when, after leaving a conference, he decided to keep wearing the nametag he had been given there on his way home. He was curious to see strangers’ reaction to it. Turns out people ended up being nicer, kinder (and a bit more confused) than they usually were to him. In short, he felt that wearing that nametag made him more approachable, which he believed was a key to thrive in business and life.

So even though he certainly reached home that day, he hasn’t remove his nametag ever since. He chose to stick a nametag on each of his jackets instead, and eventually built a consultancy over that story and conviction.

His nametag mania eventually brought the attention of the media, which put him in the spotlight, granting him free promotion to advertise himself and his business. Since then, he’s written 30+ books, given numerous speeches (eg. TED), and recorded 7 studio albums. He also runs an award-winning blog you might like if you’re interested in personal branding.

by Teymour Bourial  from Quora

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