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How to create a Perfect content marketing strategy?

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sarahelsherif Staff asked 2 years ago

Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy and all about the content you can find in our articles:

How to Develop a perfect content strategy?

Content Marketing Strategy SEO Copywriting

Content Marketing Strategy google and user

Content marketing strategy and How to Develop Perfect Content marketing strategy May you hear about three words which are the content marketing strategy and the content plan.

But what is the meaning of each word and what the difference?

The content marketing strategy:

we can say that the content marketing strategy in its core can be defined by:

answering these questions of the three questions.

“ why-who- how”.

  • Why is the content strategy been created?
Who can be helped be creating the content marketing strategy?
How can you be creative to help like any other can’t?
  • 5 elements of the content marketing Strategy.
  •   How Can we write a good content Marketing Strategy that meets Google search and SEO criteria in having the search engine rank.

So we will complete what we start with the remaining elements we want to talk about in this article so that we can go on our online business or our blog.

– SEO copywriting tools &resources.

7- Content and it’s usefulness for people.

8- The keyword research for content creation.

9- Copywriting –getting people to act.


Content is the most challenge which faces any Content Writer.

Be patient. Do good work, keep doing good work and then do more good work. That’ll pay off.” Seth Godin

Nowadays, many people want to have a blog which means thinking of its audience. Having a successful website blog means Successful Content marketing strategy.

And as some said, “the content is the king” which mean that the Content marketing strategy is very important to your blog or website and to guarantee an optimized search engine result.

To build Perfect Content  strategy ou have at first to know:

  • How to write perfect content which can attract the user.
  • How to make the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Content.
  • What is the SEO Content marketing strategy?

    SEO the misunderstanding topic online for the majority of copy blogger but SEO content isn’t hard to understand.

    All SEO want is to present an understanding and simple content for its target audience.

    Go in an online business that means that you have to go beyond the writing content while focusing on two goals “solve some problem itself – the end users of your business must be reached”.

    Some questions need to be answered first, before going in business:

    •  How can you create your content?
    • How that content take a good rank by Google and your en


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