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Why is content marketing so important?

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sarahelsherif Staff asked 2 years ago

Content marketing allows you to build your brand online by providing your potential customers with continuous stream of high-quality and extremely helpful content using your different online assets (website, blog, social media, etc.)

Building your online brand through content marketing allows you to achieve two things:

  • The creation of high-quality content instills trust to your potential clients
  • The more prominent your content becomes online, whether they be shared through social media or found through organic search, the more people will also become familiar with your brand and services.

Trustworthiness and familiarity by conducting a long-term content marketing campaign will eventually inspire confidence in your target market to make a purchase from your business!

Value-added” Content? Yes, white papers, how-to’s, industry stats video’s, etc.

However, the idea of the Value Add can be broader than just content.

For example, say you run a small company on being frugal, but you also are best friends with the owner of a local store. Out of this relationship, your friend incentivizes you to give 10% off coupons to your own customers. The Value Add you’d have over other frugal sources is this special 10% discount.

Or say you run a website on being frugal, and you also happen to be a health nut. You could give your customers the Value Add of a free membership to your “health nut info” or “running club”.

Ridiculous examples, yes, but still Value Adds.

If you sell something, that means you’re an expert in something. If you sell propane and propane accessories, your value-added content is content that no one else could possibly know, such as creative and niche uses for the propane itself, what each accessory does, conditions on which to use it. In general, you aim to build an expert profile among your consumers, and willing to share that expertise in a niche subject.


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