Why are attractive girls usually from wealthy families?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Make MoneyWhy are attractive girls usually from wealthy families?
sarahelsherif Staff asked 2 years ago

From quora

I will try to put them together.

Heredity-Rich men tend to marry attractive girls and hence they pass their traits to their offspring and usually baby girl gets most of the traits from mother i . e attractive mother.

Diet-Rich Girls can afford a Nutritious and balanced diet so they have glowing skin,shiny hair etc. Healthy diet means healthy body which means happy girl who is always attractive.

Grooming-Rich girls can afford all types of sports and gym facilities to maintain attractive physique. They can afford all expensive makeup kits and stuff. They go to best of beauticians,dermatologists,dentists,nutritionist etc.

More money means more access to good clothes, foot wear etc.

Last but not the least is CONFIDENCE.

Having access to all these resources,these girls build a natural confidence and CONFIDENCE is the most Attractive thing a person can wear.


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