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Low carb diet For women Fertility

Low carb diet For women Fertility

Low carb diet is the master secret to every woman fertility health. When we start with this low carb diet, we will feel better after some days. Low Carb Diet is based on the focus of eating foods with protein. we have here to reduce the amounts of carbohydrates we eat which found in pasta. Low carb diet leads to weight loss. on the other hand, some doctors don’t prefer this kind of weight loss diet. Most people and experts tell people to follow this type of Diet and make it their lifestyle.

In low Carb diet we can ask the following question:

  • How do you go on a no carb diet?
  • What is the Atkins 40?
  • What foods are low in carbs?
  • How does a low carb diet cause weight loss?
  • What is a low carb diet consist of?
  • How do you stay on a low carb diet?
  • What is considered to be a low carb diet?
  • What fruits are low in carbs?
  • What do we mean by low carb diet?

A low carb diet means having carbohydrates with a small amount than usual and depending on the high protein, fruits, and vegetable foods. Your body depends on carbohydrates as it’s the main source of energy and what is higher than the daily uses is stored in your body or can be converted into fats, But beyond low carb diet to lose some weight there are some health benefits like reducing risks of diabetes and metabolic syndrome that besides increasing the chance of fertility for women by 5 times as experts say.

Doctors advise of having low carbs diet after they knew about the carbs ability of damaging conception chance.

Some said that the typical western diet that is highly carbohydrates effects on women’s fertility badly especially in a reproductive system and the quality of their eggs.

 Low carb diet is determined by the low amount and low type of carbohydrate. There are many recipes of low carb diet for weight loss like having the carbohydrates from natural sources like: (full whole wheat- fruits –vegetables- milk- nuts- seeds- legumes).

When you try to have a family, you should reduce your carbohydrates in the low carb diet by 40% and raise your protein up to 35%. That’s beside the previous benefit, low carbs diet improve the level of cholesterol more than the other diets do.

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Low carbs diet contains 60-130 grams of carbohydrates which provide 240 – 520 calories per day. But it’s important ant to choose the proper diet which works well for your body, but don’t cut off your carbs intake because that may cause some risks like (a headache – bad breath- weakness – fatigue –constipation –diarrhea). The low carb diet is good for people who attain to lose weight quicker than the usual.

What should be maintained in low carbon diet? The fresh good vegetables, fats which come from natural sources like( fish, meat, dairy, eggs, nuts, avocado, olives and olive oil) intake from natural sources, proteins and avoiding as possible the processed food, sugar and the white wheat that should be maintained on the low carb diet.

What are that types of food that should minimize intake in low carbs diet? The types are (Potato, rice, bread, flour, corn, pasta, biscuits and breakfast cereals, Dried Fruit, Sweets and cakes, Sugary drinks, Portions of Margarine, and oils such as corn, sunflower, safflower, soybean and peanut oil).

One of the low carbs diets is Atkins diet which has effective and satisfying weight loss. “Atkins diet is been put to “flip the body’s metabolic switch” from carbs to fat burning as it has many plans for people who have issue with carbohydrates processing, one of them is “Atkins 40” which allows the person to start the diet with 40 gram of net carbohydrates which allows you to eat natural food and depend basically on proteins, more vegetables, and healthy fats.

How to start a low carbs diet for 2 weeks?

1-food diaries: some people are preferred to write down every bite of their food which help them to make control of everything they eat, but to others that idea is overkill. As already you are a pretty sure about what you eat and what you put inside your stomach and body. But at the beginning of your diet, it might be important to you to track what you eat. Know what is fit for you and what is not, what had more than the decided calories and what’s not, because that’s will help you to track your diet besides being good diaries that can be back to for revising your food diet.

2- Prepare your meal as usual: preparing your meal before the day to organize your diet and follow it up, to determine your meal ingredients and nutrition and shopping for healthy UN processed food that can help you to lose weight and be healthy and try to avoid as possibly unhealthy flavored ingredients that make you smile in the moment and give you unhealthy stored fats in the opposite.

3- Count your food information: by saying that I mean to calculate your own food nutrition information, of course, I’m not talking about the label of the food because that can be sure of but I’m talking about cooked food, there you have to calculate your ingredients calories.

4- don’t rush the result: be sure that the result of your hard working will start to appear quickly, you don’t anything wrong when you rush the result and can’t see the perfect result you wanted to but that’s mean that you have to change the diet or you have to revise your food diary and start to count again the ingredients you put in your food.

Beside those previous 2 diets plans we talked about, there is a “no carbs diet”

And in “no carbs diet” we can cut the carbs out and rely on other sources in our diet like relying on facts only which is not dangerous but it’s a safe way because there are some fats which are essential for your body to have like amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. But in your way to cut out the carbs or sugar you should have some alternatives for an energy source. For example when you consume 60- 70 percent of your calories from fat and the rest from carbs per day this diet effectively works on fat loss, reducing some risks factors for heart disease and treat diabetes and epilepsy. So if you want to cut carbs out you should in source your body with fats, improve your health, and do lots of exercises.

Low carbs diet benefits and risks:



  • Fast weight loss.
  • A cognitive function works much more than usual.
  • Metabolic syndrome and heart disease risk can be reduced.
  • Reducing the risk for type 2 of diabetes.
  • Fighting cancer.
  • Feeling full and fewer cravings.
  • Enhancing digestion.
  • Organize hormones than usual.


The risks:


  • Different interaction with this diet.
  • Cravings and being tired.
  • Changing moods and energy levels to some it’s a struggle.
  • Fatigue and irritability in some people can be appearing.
  • Reduction in the physical activity, brain fog and being cranky.

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