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Low Carb Bread Top Amazing Secrets You need to Know




Low Carb Bread Top Amazing Secrets You need to Know Bread and low carb diet


Most people when they are on a diet, they think of having bread from time to time. There are too many types of bread as low carb bread in the market, but these pieces of bread have one or more common problems:

  • The nutrition info and carbs labeled on the pieces of bread are just lies.
  • Bread is not tasty or non-eatable.

An example of the false nutrition and carbs info is Julian bakery’s low carb bread. Because it increases the blood sugar as in the ordinary bread and it has much more carbs than the others low carb bread.

It has the high carb and labeled fraudulently low carb, and after being exposed they actually change these bread to low carb bread using “non-GMO wheat protein isolate”, gluten as the first priority in this species.

The market isn’t fully true about low carb bread, pasta, and chocolate.

14 low carb bread that can depend on

Being on a low carb diet that may make you stop eating carbs or eliminate it; could deceive you.

Therefore, many factories in food industry solve that problem with many solutions, this minimum , and low carb solution helps people in their diets whether for grown-ups or for children.

Here are some of these solutions options:

  • Pita bread pocket and joseph’s high fiber:

Max 22 grams of carb plus healthy 9 grams fibers which could be calculated to 13 grams of carbs and turned into glucose through digesting process, tasty and healthy. ☺

  • Low carbs tortilla of josephs:

It contains 11 grams of carb plus others 6 grams of fibers, which measured by 5 grams of carbs, and that’s great.

  • Ezekiel’s Whole grain bread with flax:

Totaled 14 grams of carb in just one slice beside 4 more of fibers (means 100 grams of calories in the slice), that gives you more than the processed white and the whole white bread.

  • The millet chia bread (gluten-free):


Normally the free gluten bread is doubled carbs than usual bread. Two slices of this udi’s gluten have carbs equal 24 grams and 5 grams as fibers (19 grams of carbs actually will be left in your body). Isn’t it good for gluten bread?


  • Gluten free bread (B free food’s):


It isn’t thick as usual one, but full of air with delicious flavors (it contains 8 grams of carbs in your body), Brown or white bread between those you can choose.


  • Sara lee’s low cals grains:


This multi grains is low nutrition quality beside its low ingredients (low calories and quietly like usual toast, one slice gives you 9 grams of carb and 3 grams of fibers (that means 6 grams of carbs will remain), there are too many option’s there with Sara lee’s.


  • Companies make low-carb bread:


Very low carb bread contain maximum 3 grams of carbs after fibers deduction. It’s very light and delicious.


  • Thinslim bread:


A company makes different flavors, which surprise us with its one gram of carbs(50 cals) per the slice whatever the flavor is, besides that there are too many products of low- carb one.


  • La tortilla:


It does only contain 10 grams of carbs with 7 grams of fibers, tasty and well made.


  • Pepperidge farm carb:


It’s soft and delicious with just 5 grams of carbs entering your body but unfortunately that it might be stopped to be produced anymore.


  • Smart bun:


It’s gluten-free contains 12 grams of fibers and 16 grams of carbs with maximum 4 carbs as a net calculated carbs.


  • Know better bread:


It’s a non-genetically modified organism (GMO), gluten-free, rich of fibers and protein, with a low amount of carbs and sodium.

With zero glycemic indexes, it sounds great to have it in your diet, and we have 10 carbs inside a half of the slice.


  • Classic White bead:


Gluten-free but looking like the classic white bread, it’s good for children as it does not harm for body’s blood sugar as the classic white bread.


  • The outer aisle gourmet cauliflower:


Looking for a low carb sandwich? Here is, that’s the one you are looking for.

Hold a fresh cauliflower and cage-free eggs. It’s just two grams carbs, which means low carbs and high nutrition feeds your body, healthy and delicious.


Though these 14 great low carbs bread we have one yet to avoid which is:


  • Julian’s bakery:


It’s not worthy, it varies in flavors some are gluten-free, but they are tasteless and dry; their slices is gnarly Styrofoam.

Many people agreed on its bad taste that doesn’t match human use.   

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