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Keto bread the best low carb bread recipe

Keto bread the best low carb bread recipe

Keto bread

I think that it’s hard to give up carbohydrates this keto bread makes the switch much easier easily being able to still have sandwiches and toast.  This bread once cooled as little to no eggy taste, additionally the power of tanthan gum.  There are two ways you can make this bread.  The simple way of putting all the ingredients into a bowl and mixing at one.  The keto way ( the steps are outlined  below

Let’s start with the eggy.

Please make sure your eggs are at room temperature

This will reduce the like LaHood that your bread will taste eggy .no worries if you keep your eggs in the fridge just put them into a bowl of hot tap water for 3mins.  Mix them together by themselves

Butter and coconut oil

If you keep your butter in the fridge, then this step is for you.  If you butter is at room temporary  then this will just take a shorter amount of time

If you want to know more about what different  types  of butter are best for what, you can read ( my guide on butter for some clarification )

Cut up the butter and place the pieces into a small saucepan  . As soon as you see the butter being to melt,  talk it of the heat and just let its . It you don’t  want the butter to be hot because this will affect your eggs add the coconut oil once the butter has melted. then put your butter and coconut  oil melted  slowly and mixing it you will have a nice smooth and texture

Dry ingredients

Almond flour,  xanthan gum,  salt together into a small bowl,  mix all of with a fort until well combined.  Then add it to the eggs  . I used the same fork to mix the bread with to spoon the almond flour into the eggs it should get quite thick .

Baking types.

Set your fan forced oven to 180c and wait till it’s  fully heated.  If you have a convection  oven,  drop the temperature  by 50c if you are using a glass loaf pan do the same.  I always set my timer 10 minutes  less than the time in the recipe  because all ovens are different.

If you are not using a silicone  tray that you place baking paper on the tray whilst baking. Trust me this is not what you want to be scraping out of the tin  this. helps keep the bread together whilst in the oven.

Once small cracks appear on the top and it goes a golden brown color,  if it comes out clean the bread is done, if not you can add that extra 10minutes and check it again

Once the bread is done.

If you let the bread cool sit on a normal bench to poor chopping , you will fine that the bottom section of the bread will go a different color

Frequently  asked  question

What is keto bread?

Keto bread is mixture of almond flour, eggs, healthy fats and xanthan gum.

How many servings  are in this loaf?

For those who are confused  about the serving size the bread should  make 16slices and nutritional information is 2of those 16slices. The whole loaf makes 16slices total

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