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The inner power of Motivation in steps

The inner power of Motivation in steps

The inner power motivation steps these words are very important for your life happiness.

Motivation is the inner power by which we can be driven to do:

  • What do we want?
  • How to achieve happiness?
  • What we dream about?

First of all, let us know more about motivation:

It’s the encouragement to keep on our way for accomplishment all goals that we have put on a schedule and to be the person we want to be.

Some of us get so tired, stressed and compiles tons of bad emotions due to trying over and over again to reach the goals, that through their way for they can’t move on anymore and waiting for motivational words whatever how the way they can get them whether from deep down themselves or from other.

How can we motivate ourselves?

Can we compete for the race to reach the goal? and How?

 Here are some few steps to do that:

  • First Step: Know yourself well, as they say, the first thing for the cure is to know your illness so we have to know ourselves first:
  • Our strengthens and weakness.
  • Our abilities, and disabilities.

so that we know how we can work on ourselves.

Always remember that” you can do it “.., you are the one who knows your thought well so you can control it ..control your thoughts.

  • Second Step: Control your fear:

And as you can control your thoughts, you also can control your fear, nothing actually worth to be anxious, worried or have little fear.

You can make just some steps to can control your fear easily:

  1. “Tell yourself that everything is okay” even the failure is considered as part of success and reaching the goal as long as we considered it also a chance for development and find other ways to success.
  2. Take close your eyes, take a deep breath and tell your heart that you are brave and deserve to reach your goal.
  • Third Step: Be specific and put a schedule:

Schedule is a good way to ease your way for goals.

by setting objectives with specific deadlines when we look at this way , it’s easy to divide the big objectives into small steps which can easily be reached and that’s can shortcut ways and time to reach what we want, with every step you can be close to the goal it will fulfill you with positive energy to be closer exceeding the minimum time you put to the goal .

  • Imagine that you reached the goal:

You can ask yourself every day if you are on the right way and check the schedule up to ensure if you can add some thing useful or delete un appropriate cell ? 

shortly ,revise  your schedule again and again with a thoughtful head.

  • Write posts and hang it on your office’s wall:

Write some of your favorite quotes that inspire you to keep working beside repeating it in your spare time, because when you get lost one day, that moment your eyes will fall in the good quotes, it will inspire you to do a fantastic job suddenly or to fill you with positive energy to keep moving without pessimistic soul .


  • Collect the positive people around you:

Positive people give you the hope you need through the way , the energy to continue in the darkest night ever because they tell you all the time to keep moving .. keep going and never stop , never stop because that time can be use in refill your power and work on the goal, never stop because it will cost you time, energy and material to stop without doing any action, they know how to smile and give you the light in the darkness to continue .

  • Listen to your heart:

Listen to your mind, your heart and your eyes when they enlighten pointing for the right way to walk in.

Listen to them when your soul admire your work while it needs to lots of improvements  because some times we become blind with our thoughts while our heart tells us that’s something wrong, and always trust yourself for success.

  • Don’t tell anyone about your goal till you do your first step at least:

When we tell people about our goal , some will laugh at us causing depression , other will encourage making motivation , birds :but the certain thing that you will lose gradually the enthusiasm you have even to start work on reaching the goal .

  • Catch the birds:

Which mean catch the thoughts around you , may be one particular observation for anything can take you for a new idea that change your entire life and others life , listen to the universe and it’s talking about ideas, goals , and success and how you can be fed with inner peace and positive energy to raise you up for reaching the stars up there not just goals .

  • Continuously learning :

If you are one of those who search for being special and up to dated then you have to educate yourself continuously searching for what can enhance your abilities and your opportunities to reach goals easily and be in the list of who make difference in their societies .

  • Always remember that you are here because of your struggle of survive :

So you have to struggle all the time to survive with a different character as the world not in need for copies anymore ,but it need for an original ,distinguish and special character so it can raise up and leave it prints in what they do .

  • Set with your mirror :

Catching a mirror every morning ,looking at the picture in , and talking with is something very useful , it can help you to relax and get out your hidden hurts and words to delete some space of the bad emotions and negative energy and refill your soul with positive energy to complete and continue your way of life , refill with motivational words like “ you can do it “ .. “ the most had been past ,the least are still yet “ … “

Tell your soul ,heart ,and yourself every day that you deserve to be successful , and you can reach what you need if you just “ believe” .


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