Top 10 Secrets in Importance of employee Motivation Is Not About Carrots or Sticks

Top 10 Secrets in Importance of employee Motivation Is Not About Carrots or Sticks

How to motivate employees 

Strong team means strong successful all of us need to find the best way to motivate staff, know Importance of Employee Motivation, benefits of employee motivation secrets and advantages of motivation in management and share with us what employee engagement ideas

  • Why should you as a manager know how to motivate employees?
  • How could I do find the best way to motivate staff?
  • Benefits of motivating employees in an organization.
  • why should we motivate employees?
  • why motivation is important in a business environment?

The inner power of Motivation:

Inner power of motivation is the very important secret for success you can know more about it from here.

Every manager has those two questions in mind when it comes to motivation.
First of all, let us know the reason why we should find the best way to motivate staff.We work in organizations which have goals, vision, and mission that will not be achieved by managers only; but the huge responsibility is on the employees that achieve the planned targets to their organization.
So that we have to motivate our employees by providing them with the proper motivated environment; that enable achieving our organizational target easily.
– What should we do to motivate our employee?
We have Top 10 how to motivate employees Secrets which are:

1-Facilitate the proper motivated environment as possible for your employee:

Every one of us expects some features in the work we join like salary, medical insurance, and transportation; so as the organization promise in the contract to the employee to give him this features.It should have come true.

Then it comes the next point which:
– The good relationship among employees, supervisors, and managers that motivate the employee.
-The good relationship between employees and their supervisors give them a good environment to be motivated.

Do their best as they feel like a family in success and failure.
Removing the unimportant implications between the employees and the top management , give your employees the motivation and the feelings needed to continue working proudly with your organization , enhancing the relationship with them encouraging them to do their best with good words , compliment them on their good work and the effort they do, give them the space to feed the organization with thoughts they have and encourage them to implement the good thought to improve the organization and motivate your employee.
Reward your good employee on their thoughts through giving them extra courses and periods to develop their skills and the abilities they own so that you could motivate your employees.
The nature of work can motivate your employees:
Because your employees can be motivated by doing what they love to do by making their own decision whatever it routine decision or not, it motivates them when they feel independence and self-steamed.
Make them feel like they are part of the family, their organization’s family when the organization loses they feel like they are lost and vice versa.
To motivate your employee; be their leader:
Employees need to feel that they have a leader, not a manager; that can lead them to the right direction and never be their thoughts thief but encouraging them to share their thoughts for better development to the organization that they work for so that you can motivate your employee.
Casual day: make your employee feel comfortable to be motivated getting up morning and go to their work, feeling convenient and comfortable in work so your employees can be motivated.

Grouping and competition:

You can divide your employees into groups and raise the competition to accomplish a particular organization’s goal which related with a compensation for the winner group that can motivate your employee and makes them do their best to feel recognition and have the compensation.
The best employee of the month: that idea can motivate your employee and make them do their best to show up and accomplish the determined goals to be the employee of the month.

  • Get into your employee’s heart:

Be social with your employees not to motivate them but also to feel them that they are your partners in every situation in the organization, cognate them on their happy events in their personal life.

  • Encourage creativity:

To motivate your employees, you have to encourage their creativity and the thoughts they want to apply in the organization that enhances the organization and develop it.
Career path.

To motivate your employees and give them the feeling that they grow up and their work is worth of the organization. you have to create a career path where you can put the qualified powers of employees in the right way to have a strong developing organization.

  • Start the working day with something joyful:

The Importance of employee Motivation is Starting the day with joy is good to motivate the employees and start the day with the good feeling to kill the routine and boring atmosphere at work.

  • A quarterly revenues dividends:

To motivate employees you should divide quarterly revenue of the organization between the employees because they are the partners of the success so that reward them for their work and the effort they made every year. and this is lead to success of any organization which make us know Importance of employee Motivation

Strength the bond among your employees:
The Importance of Employee Motivation is that They say that the strength of the unity. strength the relationship among your employees and make them feel like home and welcome as members of the family so that they will work with the best of they can to raise your rank among the other organizations and feel loyalty.

Set a benefits package and reassess it continuously as it needed:
Setting benefits packages every time to motivate your employees and make them happy to find reasons for coming to work every day and do their work with honesty and loyalty.
Don’t define your employees in a particular position and limit or micromanage them because that not can motivate your employees but they can feel depressed and feel not welcome in the organization which can make him want to get out of the whole organization.
To motivate  employees, you have to be flexible to listen to the new ideas from them, laugh with them and give him a wide space to give you their thoughts and what they think about even if it is wrong, you should correct that wrong with embracing of the employees and encouraging them to be in the right direction.
Team activities:
One of the Importance of employee Motivation steps is we have to follow the Team Activities As we encourage the warm atmosphere of work; talking for the feeling of the family member and enhance the relationship among employees to motivate them so that we should encourage the team activities where employees sharing good times and feelings that will make them be motivated and do their best in their work.
These were 20 ways you can do to motivate employees, I hope the article was very useful for you and don’t forget to apply it to create a better work environment for your employees and achieve your organization’s goals and mission.

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