Answer for What are the secrets only the wealthy know and the middle class is unaware of?

All I knew was that: I had to stop hating my parents, my current job, the economy, the government, the tax system, my station in life, my background, my lack of financial prosperity, etc. Basically all the complaints I had about life had to go out the door so that I could start thinking clearly, without all the negativity clouding my judgement. Essentially, the first step to success is to escape the cycle of dependence.
#2. Each system is hackable. Trust yourself. There’s NOTHING you can’t do. Ever since highschool, I was always cooking up methods to make money or how various businesses worked. When I was reading about different businesses, I realized that every industry is doable. Nothing is rocket science. You’re not relegated to one company, one life, one career path forever. That’s how non-rocket scientists like Elon Musk can start a SPACE COMPANY!
In fact, the world and your future is WIDE OPEN. There is a way to do anything because guess what? Something you think could never be done IS being done by someone right now, just not you. Heck, they may be way less “qualified” than you too

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