How to Develop Perfect Content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy and How to Develop Perfect Content marketing strategy May you hear about three words which are the content marketing strategy and the content plan.

But what is the meaning of each word and what the difference?

That what we going to talk about.

The content marketing strategy:

we can say that the content marketing strategy in its core can be defined by:

answering these questions of the three questions.

“ why-who- how”.

  • Why is the content strategy been created?
Who can be helped be creating the content marketing strategy?
How can you be creative to help like any other can’t?

The content marketing strategy is being used for many reasons like using to:

  • build an audience.
  •  achieve profitability whether by increasing revenues, decreasing the costs or attract better customers.

The content strategy plan:

The content strategy should goes into “ the creativity, publicity and governance of useful, usable content” the difference between the content marketing strategy and the content strategy is that the last one there goes beyond the scope of the content marketing strategy as it’s the tool to help the businesses of managing all the content that they have.

While content strategy plan:

Give us different terminology of the two above, as it’s very tactical. It filing the documents where you specify how will you execute your strategy, and how could you use the specification tool in handling each task.

So you should have a content marketing strategy before putting your content plan. But it should think of it as a marketing plan that related to the content; so that you have to include detailed content like the key topic areas that will be covered, the content type will be created how and when the content will be shared and the call actions that will be included.

How to create a content strategy and it’s importance:

You don’t just need a content marketing strategy but you also need to document that strategy. Those with a documented content marketing strategy:

  • Are more likely to be effective at content marketing.
  • Feel less challenged with aspects of the content marketing.
  • Considered more effective in using all the content marketing tactics and social media channels.
  • Able to justify spending a higher marketing budget percentage on the content marketing.

What should you include in your marketing strategy?

Think now of a content marketing strategy related to your business and include your key business and customer needs, a detailed plan for the way of addressing them through a content strategy.

Note that there is no defined template for building a content marketing strategy.

that’s why each one is a unique to the business which created for, but there is commonly five component that is used:

  1. The business case for innovating with content marketing:

Explaining your reasons for that content creation, the involved risks, and the vision of you about how the success looks like, here you’ll get executive support for the content marketing strategy and the permission of making mistake everywhere as you’ll figure out the best for your business.

  1. The business plan for the content marketing:

It’s cover your goals for the content program, the unique value added you are providing the content and the business model details. Also, it should include outlines of the threatens and the opportunities your executed plan faced.

  1. The audience personas and content maps:

Here when you describe your audience who’s you’ll create the content for, satisfy their needs, and the looking of their content engagement cycle. Maybe you also want to map out the content you deliver to make them get closer to their goals throughout their buyer’s journey.

  1. The brand story:

Through characterize the content marketing through the terms of the idea and the messages you want to deliver, and how you’ll see the landscape once you shared with your audience.

  1. The channel plan:

In this aspect you should include the used platforms in a story included; your criteria, processes, and objectives for each one; and how you’ll connect them to create a cohesive brand conversation.


Should I have to share the content marketing strategy with other teams/departments in your company?

Yes, that because of giving the content marketing strategy access for the organization’s membership is beneficial even to those who are not a directly involved in that content marketing process.

This is kind of critical situation for the large organization’s size because it keeps siloed teams on the same pages, avoiding as possible the duplicated efforts, and ensure that all works for the same content goals.

And it’s a good practice to share the documented content marketing strategy for the business which is just starting out with the content marketing, for teams that rely on the external or the internal subject matter experts such of the content teams, or for companies that outsource any part of the content creation and distribution process.

Depending on the culture and the structure of the organization is how you can communicate your strategy. It may be appropriate to share the whole documentation in some time. But in other, it makes sense to create a targeted summaries for certain stakeholders, based on how the content marketing strategy will impact their roles, processes, and their objectives also.

Here are some question should help you to determine which components of the content marketing strategy need to share with each team; how you’ll use the principals of content marketing to ‘sell’ the content through the organization? What are the most things people care about?

How should I update my content marketing strategy?

Some of your strategy parts should stay as it is even when your content marketing strategy program is in its growing and evolving phase like “ the mission and business goals”.

These two items are considered keys that should post the as note as you can keep them whenever you are working on the content.

However, other parts and aspects of the content marketing strategy will need to be reviewed and updated continuously. To ensure that the content marketing program is on target, revisiting the channel strategy, main topics, and the team processes on an annual basis or more in the case of getting started separately or over again.

 Thanks for: Noura Adel

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