Content Marketing Strategy SEO Copywriting

Content Marketing Strategy SEO Copywriting

In the last Content Marketing Strategy Google and user Article, we talk about:

  • 5 elements of the content marketing Strategy.
  •   How Can we write a good content Marketing Strategy that meets Google search and SEO criteria in having the search engine rank?

Content Marketing Strategy SEO Copywriting

So we will complete what we start with the remaining elements we want to talk about in this article so that we can go on our online business or our blog.

Here we are going to complete what Content Marketing Strategy SEO Copywriting Tools were talking about and here are the main items:

6- SEO copywriting tools &resources.

7- Content and it’s usefulness for people.

8- The keyword research for content creation.

9- Copywriting –getting people to act.

-SEO copywriting tools &resources:

For the better understanding of SEO tools ,you in need for viable other tools like :

  • Unsuck-it:

It’s a free web application to use for making words,sentences and paragraphs easily.

  • Rhymezone :

As many people like reading rhyme and poetry. This tool help you to make your own copy for the good audience.

  • Read-Able:

It help you for optimizing your content for 7th-8th grade level.which ensure more audience to enjoy the content and raise the rank on google.

  • Live-Keyword-Analysis:

Calculating the keyword density ration for a piece  of content can be done by using the free SEO tool.

  • Kill writer’s Block:

This tool uses for generating creative ideas for your next post in a blog.

  • Quick sprout:

It help you to find out the reason why you’re not generating enough traffic from Google, even if when you have a long- tail keywords which ranking highly.

  • EMV Headline Analyzer:

Highly recommended for analyzing your headline and give you a score for whether the headline appealing to the reader’s emotions or not.

  • 200 ranking factors foe Google :
  • Copywriting optimization points:

Search engine rankings can’t be predicted as Google updates their ranking algorithm. There are actions to increase the web page showing up in Google for relevant search queries like:

*title tags: Yoast SEO can help you to write title tags; as title tags is a meta HTML tag ,like the meta description and it’s the first thing to appear in Google search results.

It should be concise and accurate. Between 50-60 characters of your title will appear on Google search results. Hence you have to write an alignment title with your own brand.

And some think that the best thing is your keywords and your brand name.

  • Heading tags: it’s labeled h1-h6.

It’s enlarged your font size and make it clear to your readers.

  • Optimizing your title: it’s very important for ranking in Google and attract the audience.
  • Content and it’s usefulness for people:

As we know that words are very powerful and how strength ,well structured words consist a powerful piece of content which people could love it and stick around for you.

Blogs that introduce fresh content daily are growing. But the duplicated content and stuffed keyword with low quality won’t be helpful for your audience, even if your content is useful but it still inneed for three additional items to drive organic traffic:

  1. Optimized for many keywords with lots of search.
  2. a reasonable number of trusted backlinks.
  3. an evergreen idea/ topic.
  • Search users intent: the most important aspect that search uses is the intent.befor writhing a content for particular subject; you have to know the matching keywords for.

Pay attention for classification .

  • Informational keywords: people don’t want to pay for information that’s why they search and the informational keywords are usually “how-to”.

SEO copywriters said that you can write a useful content with informational keywords without expecting of readers to be customers as most of them don’t have the willing to buyinstead of that use these informational keywords in your content to engage audience and build your brand.

  • Commercial keywords: commercial keywords show an intent to buy. Because they show specific description for what searcher want. The person who search for commercial keywords have the intent to buy a product or sign up for sites that convert them to customers which mean that he ready to take action.
  • Should you target keywords?

Yes, you should. And you can use a plan for that like:

Putting the primary keyword on the headline, using ulternatives keywords in introduction, meta description and title tags, write to please your readers and include your keywords.

  • Storytelling: human being love stories therefore if you can weave your barand story into blog post, article or video ,you’ll attract attention.
  • Humor: readers love humor, so that if you want to keep readers and audience you should write with humor as it ease and make the content easily to understand. Try to excite your readers.
  • The keyword research for content creation:

More than 66% of the clicks on the top 3 search engine results.

Content Marketing Strategy SEO Copywriting

If you want to be one of these top three ,then you have to learn keyword research best practices.

The modern SEO best way is ,long-tail keywords as top brands are not targeting these terms. And with producing the good content with targeting these keywords, you’ll dominate the search engines.

Keyword research is the main determine for your mindset and the intent of your target audience which can be defined by the long-tails and that’s how the SEO can be completed.

Once you choose your topic, then the phase of picking the relevant keywords comes.

-Copywriting –getting people to act:

Persuasion is the ability of your content to drive people into action. Based on the high quality resources and tools that you use; it’s become easy.

Remember that it all begins when you sell yourself professionally hence it become easy to sell your product, service or the idea you have and that’s only in 30 seconds of identifying yourself and leaving them want much more.

  • Use bullet points: to push people into action you can highlight your key points of the content using bullet points.
  • Before you start to write your content determine your strong benefit that will cover your idea that’s help you to build powerful headlines and paragraphs.
  • Create irresistible and valuable headlines: according to Columbia university headlines are the most important element of copy. They advise to think like readers and write the headline first that target your attractive keywords.
  • Have clarity of purpose: you should to be clear with your copy, blog post or message as it so important.

Focus on the idea and write your post address then introduce the challenge and give the solutions that’s how you do a useful content.

To ensure the clarity of the purpose in your content ; here some of the items that may help:

*know what you want accurately before you write.

*use “you” in writing to B2C customers, and “we’ in B2B customers.

*research accurate data of your topic .

*target 2-5 keywords in your blog posts.

Here were some of beneficial points in order to write a good content with rank I hope you’ve enjoyed with the provided information and get into work with high success.

Thanks for: Noura Adel

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