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Content Marketing Strategy google and user

Content marketing strategy is the most challenge which faces any Content Writer.

Be patient. Do good work, keep doing good work and then do more good work. That’ll pay off.” Seth Godin

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Nowadays, many people want to have a blog which means thinking of its audience. Having a successful website blog means Successful Content marketing strategy.

And as some said, “the content is the king” which mean that the Content marketing strategy is very important to your blog or website and to guarantee an optimized search engine result.

To build Content marketing strategy ou have at first to know:

  • How to write perfect content which can attract the user.
  • How to make the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your Content.

What is the SEO Content marketing strategy?

SEO the misunderstanding topic online for the majority of copy blogger but SEO content isn’t hard to understand.

All SEO want is to present an understanding and simple content for its target audience.

Go in an online business that means that you have to go beyond the writing content while focusing on two goals “solve some problem itself – the end users of your business must be reached”.

Some questions need to be answered first, before going in business:

  •  How can you create your content?
  • How that content take a good rank by Google and your end users?

That’s what SEO can talk about SEO copywriting and SEO Content marketing strategy.

But what if I can’t afford such an expensive SEO copywriter?

Here are some steps that can help you: 

In this article we are going to talk about:

  • What is Search Engine Optimization SEO?
  • How can  we understand the copywriting?
  • Of course, what the SEO copywriting is?
  • SEO copywriting and what is it?
  • The SEO copywriting elements?
  • How can you write a good content for users and people?

-What is Search Engine Optimization?

We know that when we want to search for something on Google all we do that write the basic keyword we want down in the search engine and we’ll get plenty of results that relevant to our search.

These results appear as they rank in SEO “search engine optimizing”.

SEO is a method to enhance the effectiveness of your content marketing strategy for the search engine to help it get a higher rank than other content from other sites that accomplish the same search terms.

The SEO circle is like that:

  1. The keywords in your search.
  2. Selecting some of these keywords.
  3. Using these keywords in writing content.
  4. People will read it or share on social media like “Facebook, twitter, bloggers, and others social media platform.

What happens is that “Google displays web pages in their search results based on the authority and relevance of the page to enhance the user experience” that’s according to Revolution.

How does Google measure authority and relevance?

  • Google determines your page’s relevance by analyzing the content based on many items like how you use certain words? Where you use them? How you use the keywords in that content?
  • Google measures authority depending on the number of links shared the page and how trustworthy they are.

Your content ranks depending on the quality of it, the quality is the first and the most important element your content rank on Google.

-How we understand the copywriting:

Copywriting is how you can create contents encourage the end users for subscription in particular list than others, buy a product or take the wanted action for the content purpose.

What is make users take action?

The professional copywriter does; that person who writes the copy of promotions, advertisements or any customer engagements.

A copywriter is the marketer who know his audience what they need to read, their choices, knows how he can attract the audience and take the action he wants to make them take and know what Google want to match perfectly and accomplish the main goals satisfying users and Google together.

To build an online business and keep updating with SEO changes, you have to create well-optimized, persuasive and useful content and keep updating it on demand.

-SEO copywriting and what is it?

When Google started rolling out their updates, SEO copywriting has evolved.

If you want to rank your content, then you have to know what’s Google ranking Algorithm are.

SEO copywriting is about creation valuable and completing content that contains specific keywords that people need which make them spread it on social media platform which in turn increase then relevance and the authority of the content so that the rank will increase in Google for the selected keywords.

So SEO copywriting help you target your audience with well content.

-The SEO copywriting elements?

  • site speed:

according to studies: 40 % of people will leave a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds loading, while 47 % of end users expect a web page loading in two seconds or less.

So web pages shouldn’t take more than 2 seconds to load if it is so working on a way to improve your site.

How can you measure loading time?

# use ping dorm’s website speed test.

# Analyze your site speed then click the “ History tab”

#check the history.

  • Headline:

Whatever valuable your content is, but the headline is very important too.

David Ogilvy said, “on the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy so when you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

In SEO copywriting, the headline should attract people’s attention, that will encourage them to click and read it.

Numbered topics inside the content have more share on social media platform.

If you get stuck and can’t think about an article idea so use “inbound now tools” to generate an article idea.

Analyzing the search engine results:

When we search for something on Google search engine, many results will appear but some of them aren’t attractive to users, new SEA copywriters highly recommend to download Yeast SEO as a Word press plugin to help optimize SEO copy.

  • Content:

For SEO copywriters, the content itself matters because people use Google engine to look for useful content which why you have to update your site consistently.

If you want to have a good rank in Google, you have to target keyword phrases.

A typical blog posts or article should be 1000 words length.

Every topic should have “introduction, the body, conclusion”

  • Meta description:

Meta description help guiding search engines understand what the topic is and why your targeted keywords appear in the content.

Google uses the meta description on your page as a snippet which determines whether to click or not “ it’s the description down your title appearing in the search results”

How can you write attractive meta description?

Step 1: understand keyword intent.

Step 2: begin with the question, state the obvious.

  • Keywords frequency:

How many times your topic keywords appear on the web pages is the frequency.

The keywords frequency is important for SEO despite to Google.

  • Page links:

Google know that you’re sociable and have got useful content through page links.

That reflects Google sync with its mission which rewards you by highly recommended to appropriately link.

  • How you can write a good content for users and people:

Words are the attracted marketing to your content attracted for people and keep them follow your site becoming the end users for your site but duplicated content, stuffy keywords content and low quality won’t help you to target audience.

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