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Content Marketing Strategy as industry

Content Marketing Strategy has become a very large and huge industry. Almost all Fortune 500 corporations and myriads of SMBs invest of billions of the US-$ in their Content Marketing strategies.

The market reflects this complex ecosystem: a plethora of freelancers, agencies, specialists, consultants, and gurus of all kinds have begun to focus on Content Marketing strategy. It is just like with any hyper-growth industry: the primary market drives the secondary market and new value chains emerge on a meta level.
Consultants are a typical example, or agencies, congress platforms as well as software developers with theirContent Marketing Strategy services.
The flood of content has increased. That is especially true for marketing topics like Content Marketing that has seemingly exploded from a small niche hype to a large industry. Content is being produced every single
second, be it text, photos, videos, infographics or presentations. The quantity of content by the so-called experts and advisors is hardly digestible. Every day, week and month on many a blog, website, hub or portals Content Marketing posts are published by thousands of aficionados. They then share, like, comment, tweet, favorite and amplify
the stories. And that is precisely the logic: the never ending the stream of producing, publishing and sharing is one of the key principles of Content Marketing Strategy. Ironically, the Content Marketing industry reinforces the power of the
content stream. Those who publish smart stories that seek to create order and structure only add content chaos to the existing ocean of posts. More content, more chaos. If you tried to follow the blog scene, amplify social accounts and other content sources you know what we’re talking about: it’s extremely difficult to follow any given topic for a year or

That is one of the reasons why this ebook is meant to be a book of basics. It is a platform to reflect on the key influencers, topics, and trends that drive Content Marketing. It is for newcomers, amateurs, and
professionals. We want to help you get oriented in the content stream; because Content Marketing is a mega trend that no company will be able to escape.

Relevance Is The Differentiator It’s a humble task to Cura amplifies the most relevant Content Marketing posts. Yet the content stream creates the data that we need to analyze, understand, predict and measure the relevance of the shared, liked or commented content. The posts that get the majority of
social media signals must have some kind of inherent relevance for the Content Marketing community. Let’s assume every Content Marketing. user understands the basic principles of the market and thus shares or distributes content randomly: then the sum of all engagement metrics taken from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other networks are a great
basis to differentiate meaningful or relevant content from other stories. What’s not liked won’t be shared and won’t be read. Relevance emerges through amplification.
Posts that have been shared thousands of times probably have an inherent relevancy. It will either present interesting opinions or useful information. The analysis of any content’s social signals thus should give
an indication of how relevant that content is, and such and analysis is surely more useful than any kind of random selection.

To create order in the content stream the following pages will show you
the top 15 most shared Content Marketing posts in the past six months (by November 30, 2015). The posts have been read, liked and shared by many Content Marketing strategy aficionados, by those who have enough knowledge about the market that they use social media as a platform for Content Marketing Strategy and the sharing of relevant content. Every analysis will present the shares for each network and the sum of all shares.Furthermore, we have collected additional information about the authors and their content sources. You may use the list as a pathway to the social accounts of each author in order to participate in the ongoing Content Marketing conversations Forget the old rules and make sure you communicate 01 Be true to you when you write. Don’t be the company that talks at its customers, be the company who talks to its customers. This applies to the language you use everywhere, in the email, blog posts, tweets, presentations. Talk to your customers as you would a friend. Forget the mask of professionalism. Online is about real people, talking to real people.


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